F. Holmes Atwater: Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul (Artikelnummer: )

Have you even once looked back in time, awestruck at the infinite number of seemingly random choices and events that led to where you are—and more importantly, who you are?  In a fascinating look at the way spiritual guidance works in our lives, Atwater reminisces on the “coincidences” of a lifetime that led from a childhood filled with extraordinary experiences to the inception of the U.S. government’s famous remote-viewing surveillance program STAR GATE.  As you journey with Atwater from his first out-of-body explorations, to his sessions with the consciousness pioneer Robert A. Monroe, to training remote viewers for Army counterintelligence operations, you may wonder once more about the mysterious forces that direct our lives.

  • The originator of the U.S. government’s psychic spy program examines remote viewing as a tool for military intelligence
  • An insider’s look at the consciousness-raising technology developed by The Monroe Institute
  • In line with the current popularity of remote viewing (featured in such national media as the CBS-TV show 48 Hours, ABC-TV’s

Put to the Test and Nightline, Newsweek, Time, Reader’s Digest, and The Washington Post)

  • Companion CD-ROM includes declassified STAR GATE documents, remote-viewing workshops and presentations, and more.

During the cold-war era, F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater used his natural psychic aptitude as a U.S. Army counter-intelligence special agent.  He initiated the remote viewing intelligence program now known to the world by the code name STAR GATE, which used technology developed by Robert Monroe to train professional remote viewers including the renowned Joseph McMoneagle.


Atwater speaks at several conferences around the world each year.   He has been on radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, and has appeared on nationally televised programs including Sightings, the Life Science Foundation public television documentary Intuition, the A&E series The Unexplained, The Learning Channel series Science Frontiers, and the A&E two-hour special Beyond Death.  He lives near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Introduction from the site of Skip Atwater.

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