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RIVER DREAMS expands the theme of psychic exploration introduced by Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness.  It has many examples of psi phenomena, or extrasensory perception (ESP) from the author’s personal experiences, from parapsychological research and from operational projects in the government’s STARGATE program.  RIVER DREAMS focuses on psi in the dream state, although psi experienced in the conscious state, such as via intuition and remote viewing are central aspects of the various episodes described.  Specific incidents are written in a first person style to capture the sense of discovery, and to illustrate the motivation and meaning aspects of the circumstances.

This book uses the metaphor of a "river" to emphasize that our subconscious nature is like a relentless far-reaching stream that connects us to others, to our environment, and to the universe. To access the information available from these psychic currents, all we need to do is be open to the possibility of experiencing our psi nature and to find approaches that best match our needs, preferences, and cognitive styles. The examples in this book illustrate a variety of methods for accessing our psi potential in both a conscious mode and via dreams. Specific focus is given to lucid dreams -- dreams when you are aware of experiencing or being in a dream.

River Shadows reviews a variety of issues associated with psi phenomena. Confluences examines the root cause of why psi is sometimes disregarded, ridiculed, or even feared by people. Delta Regions considers psi from an explanatory viewpoint and places the phenomena in a perspective that tracks aspects of quantum physics (the hologram, nonlocal effects). This section also considers the potential that psi has for contact with extraterrestrial or multidimensional intelligences. It also includes perspectives on certain experiences, such as UFO sightings and abductions, that draw sensationalistic media attention. An alternative view, based on the author’s lucid dream experiences, is suggested. The last chapter, Reflections, considers the author’s personal and professional psi experiences from a learning and philosophical perspective. We can all uncover our intuitive/psi nature in both conscious and in dream states. However, for most us, the easiest way and most personally meaningful one is to experience psi in the dream state, in the domain of our "theatre of the mind."

Excerpt from Dale Graff`s summary to the book

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